Our Team

Pastor/Evang. F.A Adediran

General Superintendent

Pastor/Evang. E.O Oladokun

General Evangelist

Pastor/Evang. M.O Olabode

Deputy General Superintendent

Coco Mel
Bruce Lees
Catherin Lus
James Spet
Brinet Carol

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What our customers are saying?

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Mary Alfred Peters Chorister
I was well involved in everything bad, glory be to Almighty God from making find grace in His presence and peace through Christ Gospel Apostolic Church.  Now i totally live for Christ and i share His word every where i go
Helen Agbonifowo Member
Was looking for a Church that was based on the word of God. Until i C.G.A.C (Miracle Center) where i met Our Father Apostle E.O Oyedele who preaches the word of God with so much knowledge and inspiration  of God.
Janet Lawrence Head usher
I have been to several church but i have seen any church that shows so much care and detail to the word of God like this. I thank God for bringing me in contact with such wonderful church, full of amazing people.
Jesugbemi Olawole Art Direction
From the first day i attended Christ Gospel Apostolic Church, my life chamged for the greater good. Cause before i have been into things that i am not so proud of, but thank God i found Christ through the ministration of our Father