Pray is a conversation with God.It’s an act of communicating with the sacred God,Prayer is talking to God and this is a result of personal relationship with him,It is the open admission that without Christ we can do nothing. It expresses our faith in God’s power and it serve as the believers direct line with heaven.

Prayer is a means God provided so as to enable us talk to him one-on-one like a person to person phone call.Jesus led an example in Matthew chapter 6 and also urges christian to pray without ceasing.

There are promises in the scripture that when we come boldly to the throne of grace,we will obtain mercy.(Hebrews 4:16). The Bible admonishes us to:

Pray for each other and Jesus has set that example while he was on earth(John 17)

Pray with faith.It is impossible to receive anything from God without faith (Hebrew 11:6)

Pray with worship and reverence (Psalm 99:5)

Open that line of communication now and start praying and you will know with confidence that God can hear when you pray.