Blessings like divine healing always come from rapid,positive response to God’s command.The immediate response of the cripple man at the pool side in Bethesda brought him healing(John5:8,9). God has given prescription for healing and you receiving healing lies in your obedience (Proverb 4:22).

Anytime God gives instruction your receiving from him is in your obedience.There are scriptural examples that demonstrate this :

The story of Moses,the Israelite and the fiery serpent (Numbers 21:8-10)

The story of Elisha and Naaman (2 kings 5:10-14)

The story of Jesus and the man sick of palsy (mark 2)

A lot of people wait for God to act in their lives before they start to obey him,this shouldn’t be the case.Obedience the bible says brings blessing,no man ever obeyed God and remained the same.

Healing come not as a reward for obedience or something that God owes us because we obeyed rather healing comes because God is merciful and wishes for us to participate in his plan and design for our best lives in Jesus,

Obedience is where healing begins!!!